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Advanced Anti-wrinkle & Dermal Filler Treatments

This is a one-day Advanced online training course designed for practitioners of Anti-wrinkle treatments & Hyaluronic Acid who have already completed some foundational training or certification.

It has been written by Dr Michael David Aicken, a medical Doctor based in the United Kingdom who has been practicing Aesthetics Injectables for over 13 years and training other professionals for over 10 years. Dr Aicken has also completed an MPhil at Queen’s University Belfast where he developed expertise in the development of medical education assessment methods.

The course acts as a standalone course.


The course also makes up part of our “Anti-wrinkle & Dermal Fillers Non-medics & Medics Diploma”

The course is compliant with the Health Education England guidelines to improve the safety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


Example Video – Zygomatic Arch Augmentation

e-Advanced Product Description 

This online Advanced Course is aimed at practicing Aesthetic practitioners who are looking to expand upon courses already undertaken either with Visage Academy or elsewhere.  It covers techniques not typically taught on Foundation courses and also deals with the treatment and correction of many of the side effects from therapies.  The course has been developed by Dr Michael Aicken who has been practicing and teaching the administration of Botulinum and Dermal Filler for 8 years, in conjunction with the most up to date clinical guidelines and research.

Modules include:

  • Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Filler
  • Advanced lips filler (correcting asymmetry, fixing mistakes)
  • Advanced Botox treatments (bunny lines, poppy chin, depressor oris angularis, lipstick lines, lower extended crows feet)
  • Botox complications and follow-ups
  • Dermal filler related complications part 1 (Skin ischaemia and blindness)
  • Dermal filler related complications part 2 (Infection)
  • Dermal filler related complications part 3 (Dissolving lumps using hyaluronic acid)

This course can be taken as a standalone course for £240 or as a package with our Foundation/Refresher course which will go over all the basic botulinum and filler administration material covered on standard courses for £420, a saving of over 10%.  Each course has online support and follow up via email and we are interactive with trainees when they have questions about course material.

If purchasing for several members of a Business group discount can be arranged. Please contact for more information. We can offer managers updates on employee progress through modules, marks and as always provide online support to answer questions regarding course material.

With revalidation coming in for professionals doing Aesthetics we are also including access to our e-portfolio system with these courses and both courses can be counted towards self-verified CPD points and trainees undertaking either course will receive a certificate of completion. Those combining the Foundation and Advanced course will receive an E-Diploma from Visage Academy in the administration and the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A & Hyaluronic Acid Gel for Aesthetics.

e-Diploma graphic cosmetic appraisal

Please consult with your local aesthetic insurance company as to the level of training that is required for you to practice as an aesthetic clinician.  If you are within the UK and require a quote you can contact Cosmetic Insure on

Course Curriculum

Advanced Toxin and Fillers
Treatment Areas with Toxin (Advanced) 00:00:00
Advanced Toxin Treatments – QUIZ Unlimited
Cheek Augmentation 00:15:00
Injection Technique – Tutorial 00:00:00
Cheek Augmentation – QUIZ Unlimited
Advanced Lips filler (correcting asymmetry, fixing mistakes) 00:00:00
Advanced Lip Filler – QUIZ Unlimited
Lipstick Lines (Smokers’ Lines) 00:00:00
Nose Hump Correction 00:00:00
Advanced Course Recommended Reading
Advanced Course – Botulinum Toxin Reading Unlimited
Advanced Course – Dermal Filler Reading List Unlimited
Cramming Section
Advanced Botox 1 (Lateral Forehead Wrinkles) 00:00:00
Advanced Botox 2 (DOAs) 00:00:00
Advanced Dermal Filler 1 (Lips with Asymmetry) 00:00:00
Advanced Dermal Filler 2 (Cheeks) 00:00:00

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