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Fat Dissolving Injections (Aqualyx / Deso)

Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Aqualyx, Kybella, Bellkyra & Deso. When deoxycholic acid comes into contact with adipose (fat) cells, it causes the cell wall to breakdown, allowing water to be drawn into the cell until it bursts. By a mechanism of secondary inflammation, the body then removes the resulting debris, leaving behind all of the non-adipose cells, which are completely untouched by this process.

On this course we offer 90 minutes of online learning in Aqualyx and Deso, then a 90 minutes face-to-face assessment and one-to-one practical session in London.


Course Content

Course Curriculum

Slideshow (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, the product, patient selection, managing expectations, side effects, ordering product)
Slideshow – Aqualyx (and other Deoxycholic Acid Containing Products) 00:00:00
Preparing Aqualyx
Preparing Aqualyx (video) 00:00:00
Cannula Technique: Submental / Double Chin
Cannula Delivery of Aqualyx, Submental (video) 00:00:00
Cannula Technique: Abdomen
Cannula Technique: Abdomen (video) 00:00:00
Meso Technique: Abdomen
Meso Technique: Abdomen (video) 00:00:00
Cannula Technique: Outer Thigh
Cannula Technique: Outer Thigh (video) 00:00:00
Meso Technique: Outer Thigh
Meso Technique: Outer Thigh (video) 00:00:00
Backs of the Arms
Backs of the Arms (video) 00:00:00
Deso Face & Body
Deso 00:00:00
Tips & Tricks learnt over my first Year of using DCA (Dr Aicken) 00:00:00
Test: Fat-Dissolving Injections with Deoxycholic Acid 00:00:00

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  1. Aqualyx Course


    I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. Michael, the trainer was extremely helpful and instilled a great deal of confidence in me. The video work and theory was excellent as was the practical. I would highly recommend Visage Aesthetics.

  2. Aqualyx/Deso course! 14/01/2020


    Dr Aicken thank you so much for today’s Deso/Aqualyx course. Perfectly structured with online content and also good hands on practical training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to further expand their aesthetic career! Thank you again!

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