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Tear Troughs, Eye Circles & Eyebags

What are ‘tear troughs’? They are the dark ridges that develop below the eyes which are often worse in appearance when tired or dehydrated. These lines are notoriously difficult to treat and have been seen by many practitioners as a big challenge in non-surgical aesthetics.

What’s involved in treatment? The treatment involves 3 or 4 injections under each eye. Before this, the skin can be anaesthetised using anaesthetic cream so that the whole procedure is virtually pain free. It takes around 5 minutes to complete each treatment.

Learn this advanced dermal filler technique in a one-to-one session with one of the UK’s leading Aesthetic trainers.

All of our online is delivered by Dr Michael Aicken, who has, over his 12-year Medical Aesthetics Career, published a range of teaching material in various aesthetics journals, taught practitioners travelling from all over the world and gained vast experience in correcting complications for other practitioners.


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  • Next training course date has gone Live,  8th July 2020! .
Back with popular demand we are teaching 1 to 1 sessions in Tear Trough & Jawline filler and Aqualyx/deso (Fat dissolving injections) in East London, E2, Hoxton
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  • Visage Academy are releasing  new course dates for one to one teaching sessions tomorrow! .
Teaching jawline and tear trough filler, aqualyx/ deso fat resolving injections! See you then👋
  • Hey all!  Dr Michael Aicken wrote a piece about when it’s safe for practitioners to return to work?
Over on our associates of Visage Aesthetics’s UK Facebook page we hashed this one out. Many opinions and much discussion and we agreed to KEEP talking to each other..
What are your views?
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  • We are now stocking Dermalax. We have 3 textures in filler to choose from to suit your filling needs.
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