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Getting Started

Getting Started

Logging in

Clicking this Login button will bring up the following login user interface:


Simply input your email address (this is your username) and the default password for registered accounts it visage123 – we recommend you change this once you have logged in for the first time.


Accessing course Content

Clicking the course link on the home page will bring you to the course menu shown in the image below:



As you can see there are several options here, but to get started simply click on MY COURSES and then select the course you wish to start studying that will bring you to the course page:



Above is the Foundation Course homepage.  The blue coloured button at the top right will start or continue your course.

There are other free modules available to students to enhance your learning experience, you can find these on the courses section above, for these the blue button will say apply here.  Click this button to request access and we will give you access to this content.

We hope this walkthrough is useful and has helped you commence your studies,

Any problems or issues contact for further assistance.


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Happy weekending everyone x
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  • Next training course date has gone Live,  8th July 2020! .
Back with popular demand we are teaching 1 to 1 sessions in Tear Trough & Jawline filler and Aqualyx/deso (Fat dissolving injections) in East London, E2, Hoxton
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  • Visage Academy are releasing  new course dates for one to one teaching sessions tomorrow! .
Teaching jawline and tear trough filler, aqualyx/ deso fat resolving injections! See you then👋
  • Hey all!  Dr Michael Aicken wrote a piece about when it’s safe for practitioners to return to work?
Over on our associates of Visage Aesthetics’s UK Facebook page we hashed this one out. Many opinions and much discussion and we agreed to KEEP talking to each other..
What are your views?
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  • We are now stocking Dermalax. We have 3 textures in filler to choose from to suit your filling needs.
... Dermalax is £36.50 per ml including postage
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