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‘BLT' (benzoncaine, lignocaine, tetrocaine) anaesthetic gel -

100g BLT gel.

Benzocaine 20%, Lignocaine 6%, Tetracaine 4%. *Avoid using close to the eyes.

The process for ordering is that you write the prescription, email or fax it to them at the email address below, then phone them to make a card payment THEN forward the hard copy of the prescription. Their contact details are:


Murrays pharmacy

56 serpentine ave


Dublin 4

@ 0035316603376

*Beware- tetracaine is contraindicated around the eyes as it can trigger acute glaucoma - so avoid using for crows feet and under eyes botox and for tear troughs
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what should we use around crows feet and under eyes instead of the BLT cream? thanks Andrew
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Would anybody have a contact for Obi who trained in Tuesday night Belfast?
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