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Can you advice on how we can ensure the fillers and Botox are authentic? Could give tips as to what to look at/look for? Same in the case of companies selling they sell these products, please.

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We recommend only purchasing from aesthetic / cosmetic pharmacies (as these are registered), or from websites that sell genuine products, such as www.fillerworld.com and www.dermalrevolution.com

Also, for dermal filler, check that it is CE marked. If it's extremely cheap, ask yourself why this might be!
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Actually, since there is a remarkable difference in the price of buying Stylage dermal filler from the Irish sales rep ( Robin Creagh, Cork)  compared to Fillerworld.com, Ii investigated it further,as i was worried filler world were not selling authentic products. I contacted Vivacy the makers of Stylage & they said to download their App called 'My Vivacy'. On this app you can scan the bar code of products to verify their authenticity. filler world website do indeed sell authentic products , but are way way cheaper than my sales rep.
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