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The syllabus for our online courses can be found here. Note that the 4-Day Diploma course includes the online Foundation and Advanced courses.


FOUNDATION ONLINE COURSE: https://www.cosmeticappraisal.com/course/foundation-course/


ADVANCED ONLINE COURSE: https://www.cosmeticappraisal.com/course/advanced-training-in-the-use-of-botulinum-toxin-type-a-hyaluronic-acid-gel-for-aesthetics/


'Foundation' Botulinum Toxin treatments include- forehead, glabellar frown lines, crow's feet. 'Advanced' Botulinum Toxin treatments include DOAs (depressor oris angularis- mouth corners), under eyes (for crep skin), extended crow's feet, lipstick lines, poppy chin, under arm hyperhidrosis. 'Foundation' dermal filler treatments include nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip enhancement. 'Advanced' dermal filler treatments include fine lines, dynamic lines (lines present more on movement), frown lines, lipstick lines & cheek augmentation (zygoma).

Practical sessions will involve every member of the group having a go at each treatment in a rotation under the close supervision of a trainer. It is anticipated that delegates will have a chance to treat all ‘basic’ treatments for two models and most of the advanced treatments for 1 model. The models vary from course to course so on occasion it is not possible to treat every advanced area- however, if this occurs a thorough explanation of the treatment will be provided. It is important to note that delegates will learn skills which will be applicable to many different areas of the face. ALL candidates report feeling confident to begin injecting independently following the course- however it is strongly advised that delegates begin doing so within one month of completion to consolidate their skills. Hyperhidrosis treatment will not be carried out on the course- it will however be taught; the reason for this is that whilst it requires relatively little skill to perform, it is time consuming. Delegates’ time is better devoted to building confidence in more technically challenging treatments.
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